Media Patronages

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) provides informed, independent and practical legal ideas for a global community. Its high quality and respected work involves analysis and debate about contemporary issues on every continent, from its base in the heart of London’s energetic and multicultural legal network.
BIICL has been making an influential impact since its foundation in 1958, and it can trace its history even further back to 1894. It is one of the very few independent legal bodies of its type in the world, as it is unaffiliated to any university, is a charity/not-for-profit organisation and is nonpartisan. BIICL receives no substantial on-going core funding from any government or private body and welcomes both members and non-members. BIICL includes within it the innovative Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, which has a particular focus on the many rule of law issues world-wide.




PNFG (Polish-German Economic Forum)  

Polish-German Economic Forum is annual, student conference for participants from Köln (Germany) and Warsaw (Poland). International relations between Poland and Germany are the main topic of PNFG, especially economic cooperation. PNFG is a great opportunity to meet students from the other country, to know such a different point of view and to visit interesting places in Warsaw and Köln.



The website is the perfect database for every student in Poland – they make sure every lost soul can find the information they need. Job offers, apartments for rent, academic events and articles about students’ life – these are all the topics they cover.


INFOR.PL is the largest Polish supplier of professional information about law and economics. For 30 years Infor continues to establish its position of the leader of the industry. The company’s products are addressed to business owners, managers, lawyers, accountants, HR employees and civil servants.


Magiel is a magazine jointly edited by a group of Warsaw School of Economics and University of Warsaw students with a journalistic flair. Thanks to determination of the monthly’s creators, Magiel has been constantly expanding and has become the most influencial students’ medium at Warsaw colleges. It touches on subjects closely connected with students’ life and comments on current developments   both in the fields of politics and economics. Moreover, Magiel devotes a lot of attention to cultural topics such as film, theater, literature or music.



Radio Kampus dedicates its programme to students, researchers, high school pupils and everyone interested in academic topics. Editorial staff of the radio consists mainly of students working as volunteers. Under the supervision of experienced journalists they create a 24-hour programme broadcasted on 97,1 FM in Warsaw and in 30 kilometers radius from the city. The broadcast can also be found on the Internet and in the nRadio suite.  Radio Kampus consists of different units, namely editorial boards for information, culture, student related topics, music and Europe related topics.
 is a website aimed at students and postgraduates of law faculty. It shares current information on recruitment process, job and apprenticeship offers, as well as enriching conferences and trainings for students. Besides, is a source of legal news, accounts and interviews.