Radio Kampus – as first academic radio station was established in 2005. it is a radio station ran by students and for students, as well as for everyone interested in academic topics. In 2010 Radio Kampus was nominated to the contest for popularizers of science, named “Popularyzator Nauki 2010” organized by Ministry of Science. Moreover, if you listen carefully, you will hear about the Conference very soon! Stay tuned!

MAGIEL is a students’ magazine issued monthly. It has started in 1995 on SGH – Warsaw School of Economics, with publishing several hundred copies photocopied manually, now its print run counts 7000 copies. Since 2011 MAGIEL is also published on Warsaw Univeristy In the magazine you can find not only information on current academic events and affairs, but also many reviews and comments on current news. 

The website provides law students with all the support they need – news from the industry, job and internship offers, information on interesting academic events – you can find it all there. Furthermore website is reliable source of any kind news, articles and interviews.


It is a platform providing studens and graduates of law with the right information about the potential career path, possibilities for the future and ready solutions in the field of apprenticeships and full-time work. The platform is very popular and perceived as the most helpful online portal for obtaining the information about legal labor market.

The website is the perfect database for every student in Poland – they make sure every lost soul can find the information they need! Job offers, apartments for rent, academic events and articles about students’ life – these are all the topics they cover. 

Blog Inspiracja dla Prawnika is articles and interviews on aspects of civil law, career in diplomacy, personal development and creation the brand by law
student. As part of creating a blog I would like to show young people that studying law is not only legal acts, elegant attire and practice in law firms, but above all, getting a solid education to help other people, create legal awareness, respect the values and professional ethics. On the website „Inspiracja dla Prawnika” I publish articles, interviews and information about events. I release the recommendations blogs and websites related to the law. I try to inspire both a student and a lawyer and a law enthusiast. Take a look at the blog, get inspired and become a patron of your career!