Here, we present you the confirmed speakers and moderators of the Conference.


  1. Iwona Jowik  advocate, partner at Copernic Avocats law firm – the remedies in contract law panel, French law
  2. prof. Silvia Valmaña Ochaita – Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, Associate Professor (Criminal Law) – the “white-collar crimes” panelSpanish law
  3. Siegfried Seewald, RechtsanwaltUrbanek and Partners law firm – the remedies in contract law panel, German law
  4. dr Marcin Olechowski advocate, partner at SK&S law firm, the remedies in contract law panelPolish law
  5. Marta Kupczak-Strzelecka attorney-at-law, senior counsel at SK&S law firm, the consumer contracts panel, Polish law
  6. Adam Morawski – attorney-at-law, founder and the managing partner in the Morawski and Partners law firm, the remedies in contract law panel, Italian law
  7. Patrycja Gabriela Bartosz-Burdiak attorney-at-law, managing partner at Bartosz-Burdiak law firm, the “white-collar crimes” panel, English law
  8. Denise Ashmore British Law Centre, the common crimes – murder, rape, pornography and the penalties panel, English law
  9. dr Maciej Zaleski practicioner, Italian Law School graduate, the “white collar crimes” panel, Italian law
  10. Aleksander Wróbel, LL.M. – Jagiellonian University, Criminal Law Department, LL.M. Uppsala Universitet, Ukrainian Law School Coordinator, the common crimes – murder, rape, pornography and the penalties panelRussian law
  11. Anna Cimarno – advocate trainee, Żakiewicz Adwokaci Law Firm, the common crimes – murder, rape, pornography and the penalties panel, Polish law
  12. dr Mirosław Michalak – Iranist, Department of Iranian Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw – the common crimes – murder, rape, pornography and the penalties panel, Iranian law
  13. PD Dr. Daniel Klocke, LL.M. European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) – the consumer contracts panel, German law
  14. Aleksandra Stepanów – attorney-at-law, senior associate at Urbanek and Partners Law Firm – the consumer contracts panel, Italian law
  15. Joanna Gałajda, LL.M. – associate at Bird & Bird, LL.M. at IIT Chicago – Kent College of Law – the “white-collar crimes” panel, American law
  16. Maria Dumiak – lawyer, advocate trainee in the Paris Bar Council – the consumer contracts panel, French law
  17. Filip Kona advocate, the cofounder of “Kona Kilichowski Adwokaci” Law Firm – the “white-collar crimes” panel, Polish law 


  1. dr hab. Konrad Osajda – Faculty of Law and Administration, Civil Law Institute – the remedies in contract law panel
  2. Will Odogwu – British Law Centre – the consumer contracts panel
  3. dr Dariusz Gibasiewicz – attorney-at-law, Olsztyn Bar Association, University in Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn –  the “white-collar crimes” panel
  4. Radosław Radosławski – attorney-at-law, Warsaw Bar Association – the common crimes – murder, rape, pornography and the penalties panel