About the Conference

Warsaw is the place where coexistence of 3 ages can be discovered. Wandering the streets of the Old Town, we are amazed by the classical architecture. Going down Świętokrzyska Street cold, socialist realism surrounds us and the whole city is suffused with the glow of skyscrapers’ lights. That is why the city in the Central Europe, influenced by various cultures, is the perfect place to compare different legal systems.

As European Law Students’ Association – ELSA Warszawa, we have decided to organise for the third time the International Conference on Comparative Law. It will take place on 16-17 February 2018 in Warsaw. The conference will be dedicated to commercial law.

Conference will connect both – theoretical and practical issues. On 16th February it will consist of lectures which will be divided into two separate panels. The first panel will be investigating international corporations and their different types in English, German, French and Estonian law. The second one will focus on international investments in American, English and Indian law. On 17th February our attention will be focused on developing practical skills. During two sessions of workshops participants will have opportunity to deepen their knowledge from the previous day.